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Presentations & Workshops 

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Private Lessons

 fiddle (violin) & cello

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My teaching focus is traditional music (Scandinavian, Irish, Old-Time). I also teach classical music and songwriting.

 I believe that everyone can have an embodied, joyful relationship between their body and the instrument. I think that following your goals instead of your 'shoulds' yields great results. We will always be exploring the technical aspects of music within their cultural context, as music is beautifully inextricable with the land and people it comes from.


 Some of the topics we can focus on:

 Repertoire & Tune form/ Bowing technique/ How to practice/ Learning by ear/ Tune Lineage/ Playing for dance/Finding Your Creative Process/ Writing Embodied Music & more.

In-person or virtual

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I graduated with a BFA and Certificate in Ethnomusicology from the Five College Certificate Program in 2020.