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buried: field recordings is an ongoing project collecting improvised meetings between myself and underground spaces, with my fiddle as the conduit and translator.

More about each track below.

Just Like An Iceberg Cape Henlopen Bunker
00:00 / 11:08

"JUST LIKE AN ICEBERG: CAPE HENLOPEN" recorded summer 2018 made in one of the numerous bunkers built into the dunes and hills of cape henlopen, deleware, usa. the bunkers, along with an underground tunnel system and watchtowers, were created during wwII when the cape was used under the name fort miles. the land was first claimed by colonizers in 1682. i made a handful of recordings with this bunker in two days. on the third day i returned to play again, and the massive iron doors to the bunker that had been open before were now shut. a sign outside of the bunker gives its brief history and writes that its disguise during wwII functioned "just like an iceberg".

Metal Spirits: NYC Subways
00:00 / 04:45

"METAL SPIRIT: NYC SUBWAYS" recorded fall 2019 the subway trains of nyc exist both as practical transit for millions of people on a daily basis as well as mythic creatures of the underground. giant metal snakes that travel patterns under the city, emerging occasionally to see the sun. compared to other underground transit systems i've travelled, the nyc subways have a specific set of whistles, screeches, clunks and sighs that i find very expressive and otherwordly. this recording was made at the 7th ave station on the F/G line.

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